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Latency Analyser Standard (Perpetual)

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The Standard Edition of the Latency Analyser allows up to five simultaneous projects. Data is stored as flat files rather than in a database.

The AC Latency Analyser predicts the latency impact of moving an application or its components from one location to another. This can save considerable money by predicting any performance problems caused by latency before the application or component is moved. A key use of the tool is in data centre migrations, where a company is considering moving applications from a data centre close to the main body of its users to a remote location.

Some applications are more prone to latency problems than others. The Latency Analyser analyses the network characteristics of a specific application and models how that application's performance characteristics would be affected by changes to network latency.

The Latency Analyser is also highly effective for network discovery. From a large volume of raw network traces it can identify each network conversation and the volume of traffic between each pair of components. This is useful where full application documentation is not available.

The tool's capabilities include:

  • Compiling network-level statistics on an application's internal and external network links
  • Building a profile of an application's key performance characteristics
  • Modelling the effect of changes to latency across one or more of an application's network links
  • Doing this work with minimal disruption and risk to an existing production application

  • Licence Validity: Perpetual
    Projects: 5


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